sim12Anybody who has played The Sims 3 will tell you that it was a huge upgrade from its predecessor. While the game looked and felt about the same, save for the better graphics engine, there were a large number of new features added.

New Features

One of those features was with the neighbourhoods. Bicycles were added and the clocks through all of the game were always in sync. If you played the previous title, you may remember that the clocks would sometimes freeze if your Sim was in a particular area. Another fun addition to the atmosphere in your Sim’s neighbourhood was the introduction of “Story Progression.” When this mode was active, the AI took over and all kinds of random things could (and usually did) happen throughout the neighbourhood. I personally enjoyed this mode, although it did ruin a couple of my games. The fact that it was a little more like real life made me enjoy it.

sim13Another great thing about The Sims 3 is that the base game comes with many of the features that were from the expansion packs in the previous game, making it a fully featured game right off the bat.

Extra Features and Downloadable Content

As with all of the previous entries in the Sim franchise, The Sims 3 was showered with extra material. In fact, the extras kept rolling out for about four years after the first release of the game. There were expansion packs, Stuff packs, and downloadable worlds. Each of the downloadable items came with a pretty good amount of playable content.

The Expansions

  • sim14World Adventures – This was an expansion focused on setting your Sims on tasks while travelling around the world.
  • Ambitions – This pack gave players the ability to give special interests to their Sims which led to unique rewards.
  • Late Night – This expansion was exactly like it sounds. It focused on nightlife and brought some new character interactions to the game.
  • Generations – This add-on gave the player a long list of extras which were connected to the different life stages of the Sims.
  • Pets – Much like in The Sims 2, this pack brought some furry friends to the game.
  • Showtime – The Sims had a chance at being famous and trying out their talent when this expansion hit. The player could have their Sims performing in all kinds of different ways.
  • Supernatural – The perfect expansion for Halloween, this pack brought werewolves, witches, vampires, and more.
  • Seasons – Seasons provided a great opportunity for players to try out lots of new season-related activities.
  • University Life – This pack gave a new time period to the life of the players’ Sims, and gave the Sims more options later on in the game once they completed university.
  • Island Paradise – This one was pretty straightforward. The Sims got the chance to have a little fun in the sun.
  • Into the future – When the players Sims got bored of the same old layout and theme, this was the pack for them. A portal took the Sims into the future and offered lots of new ways to play.


This game was fantastic and it opened up a whole new range of possibilities for the franchise. They laid excellent groundwork for the now popular The Sims 4.