The Sims 2 had a total of eight expansion packs and I loved them all. There were a few that I enjoyed more than the others, though. I think I liked them so much because they featured things that I already love in real life, so it made it that much easier to identify with the experiences that my Sims were having while playing them.

The University Expansion Pack

sim9This expansion is great for anyone who wants to take their Sim to the next level. Not only does it add to the game while you are playing the actual expansion, but it also adds a lot of new options to your Sim’s life after the university term has successfully been completed. You have to look at this expansion in two ways, though.

The first way to look at it is to understand that it is a one-time thing for your Sim, and once the time period for university has passed, your Sim can no longer attend university. For that reason, it is important to do your research and try to get the very most out of the experience as you are playing.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you want to be successful in school, because when you achieve success in university, the rest of the base game will change for you. Many new career opportunities open up for you, including the new job in the field of paranormal activity.

If you choose to work in the field of paranormal activity, you get the chance to create Sim zombies by bringing dead Sims back from the dead. Being a zombie lover, I really liked this added feature.

The Pets Expansion Pack

sim10Being an animal lover as well, I had to add this to the list of my favourite expansion packs for this part of the series. The Sim Pets are great. They each have their own personality and set of needs that need to be taken care of. If they are neglected in any way, the owner pays the price.

I personally think that this expansion has a triple purpose. The first is to keep your Sims happy and getting the love and affection that they need, the second is to teach players how to properly take care of animals, and the third is that they liven up the game with more character and personality.

Oh yeah, it comes with werewolves as well. Who doesn’t love a side of werewolves with their Sims experience?

The Bon Voyage Expansion Pack

sim11The Bon Voyage pack was a favourite of mine because I love to travel. If I get to enjoy all that travelling the world brings, why can’t my Sims enjoy it too? After all, I am responsible for making them happy, right?

There are three places that you can send your Sims in this expansion pack. You can send them to Three Lakes which is in a forested mountainous area, Takemizu Village in the Far East, and Twikkii Island somewhere in the South Pacific. Each of these places have special new activities and fun new NPCs such as ninjas, pirates, and fire dancers.

All of the new activities associated with each place really help you feel like you are really there with your Sims on their holiday. You can search for Bigfoot in the pine forest, comb the beach in Twikkii Island, and have tea while getting a massage in Takemizu Village.


Like I said before, all of the expansion pack for this were really good and added a lot of unique material and gameplay to the main game, but the ones I have chosen as my personal favourites, I chose because I like the themes the best. I wouldn’t really tell somebody that these are the best for them, but I know I played these ones more than the others.